Martin Trabalik is a Czech documentarist based in Prague. In his work, he focuses on social, humanitarian and environmental issues. In January 2016 he volunteered during the European refugee crisis in Greece becoming interested in photography in the process. Since then he has worked on several projects in Nagorno-Karabakh, Donbas, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and other areas. In the year 2018, he was awarded UNHRC and Czech Press Photo prize in the category Problems of our age for covering the Rohingya's expulsion from Myanmar. In 2021 he directed and produced documentary movie Incendios about forest fires in Bolivia which was awarded Best Documentary Feature at the International Film Festival in La Paz. Currently he is working on a feature documentary film What about Little Peter? that focuses on the topic of care for people with severe autistic disorder. Besides documentary work, Martin enjoys other areas of creative expression such as writing, painting, sculpting and poetry.